Programmable Chat

A fully extendable chat service
for live and async messaging

Top features

Open Protocol

A fully documented, open, flexible, and event-oriented messaging protocol with built-in support for rich content.

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Headless Live Chat

Swap the native Chat Widget or Agent App with custom solutions. Make use of the entire system or just parts of it.

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Chatbots API

Build conversational interfaces with chatbots as first-class citizens. Create complex automations with webhooks.

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Live ChatBot Sample

Fully programmable
rich content messaging

Build engaging conversations with native support for rich messages. Bring snappy interactions to chats and set up automated responses. Play with the example to give it a try!

RTM & Web transports
for unlimited flexibility

Use Programmable Chat in all kinds of environments. Leverage the real-time socket connection with push messages or use the standard web communication and webhooks.

Webhooks & pushes
Use web & RTM transports with the full support for webhooks and pushes.
Shipped with SDKs
Get the same Go and JavaScript SDKs we use to build our integrations.
Technical support
Our highly skilled support teams are ready to get you up and running.

Plays well with
all environments

We provide SDKs and boilerplates for JavaScript and Go, but our APIs may be used in any environment of choice. Get up and running fast with sample apps and thorough documentation.

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Programmable Chat

Open messaging protocol for all types of communication.

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Reporting APIs

Build data-driven dashboards and advanced reporting tools.

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Open Chat Widget

Beautiful widget for demanding developers and designers.

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Create dynamic
messaging experiences