Omnichannel APIs

The entire communication
in one clean interface

Top features

Open Chat Protocol

A simple yet powerful protocol to manage them all. Messages, rich content, files and more all embedded in one API.

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Messaging Mode

Handle both real-time and async communication with just one protocol by switching to Messaging Mode.

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Real-time Messaging

All LiveChat Messaging APIs come with full support for two transports, socket and typical web requests.

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See Messaging APIs docs

One common interface
for all the channels

Omnichannel APIs let you integrate any channel directly into LiveChat. All the communication is handled by a common protocol, and displayed in the unified Open Agent App view.

Native support within
all LiveChat applications

By default, all the integrated channels are natively supported in LiveChat web, mobile and desktop apps. Integrate it once, and access it everywhere.

RTM & Web transports
Exchangable transports with full support for webhooks & pushes.
Shipped with SDKs
Get the same Go and JavaScript SDKs we use to build our integrations.
Technical support
Our highly skilled support teams are ready to get you up and running.

Powers the integration with
Apple Business Chat

We believe in dogfooding, so our native channel integrations use the same APIs we give you. See how we integrated Apple Business Chat with LiveChat using Omnichannel APIs.

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Programmable Chat

Open messaging protocol for all types of communication.

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Reporting APIs

Build data-driven dashboards and advanced reporting tools.

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Open Chat Widget

Beautiful widget for demanding developers and designers.

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Have all the messages in one
communication channel