Data & Reporting APIs

Build reports that
give the answers

Top features

Chat Metrics

Pull data on chat duration, response times, CSAT, and a variety of typical customer care metrics.

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Custom Properties

If native LiveChat metrics are not enough, you can easily build all variety of metrics using custom properties.

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Data-driven Flows

Create automation flows that are driven fully by data. Automate queue limits, tagging and many other actions.

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Dashboards & reports
with CSAT metrics

Pull standard customer service data and mash them together into very specific metrics. Create custom reports that meet individual use cases perfectly.

Powerful APIs to build custom metrics

Every bit of data is accessible via APIs. Also, every bit of data may be enriched with a specific property. Count the occurrences of certain words, calculate the agent loads or analyze the traffic trends.

Data-driven automations
& decison making

Make data work for people. Automate their jobs with scripts and routines. Equip teams and managers with precise information, so their decisions are always backed up with data.

Analyze Platform data
with your favorite tools

With LiveChat Reporting APIs and export functionalities,
you can put LiveChat data into any BI system of choice.

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Programmable Chat

Customize Agent App with multiple widgets and contextual elements.

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Open Chat Widget

Just a few easy steps to change wha but also tweak the behaviour.

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Omnichannel APIs

Tie multiple communication channels with one nifty protocol.

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