Open Chat Widget

A beautiful chat widget for creative
designers and demanding developers

Top features

<iframe> Apps

A dead-simple but powerful way to brighten up a chat widget. Embed apps right in the conversation!

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JavaScript API

Chat widget is a part of online experience. Fine-tune its behavior, customizing it to your use case.

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Rich Messages

Modern messaging goes way beyond text. Spice up chats with playful, interactive elements.

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One elegant Chat Widget
for a multitude of use cases

Embed it on a website, an e-commerce store, web or mobile apps. Provide one, unified, and pleasing point of contact for customers across all interfaces.

Mobile-first, performing better than ever

Our Chat Widget works like a charm on all mobile devices. On top of that, it’s lighter, works quicker, and it won’t slow down your website.

Fully accessible

Chat Widget is now compliant with the WCAG 2.1 AA standard. Screen reader support, keyboard navigation, and color contrast adjustments will make your business more inclusive.


times our Chat Widget was displayed worldwide since you entered this page

Downloaded 1M times
every three minutes

Hundreds of thousands of websites use our widget to provide the best quality of customer care. Our servers deal with millions of chats every week, all of them handled with the same Agent App.

Mobile-first & lightweight
Almost half of the chats in our Widget are started from a mobile device.
Fresh, snappy and well-designed
We love when things look and feel good. The devil is in the detail.
Equipped with APIs
Chat Widget JavaScript APIs let you integrate it in your project.
Shipped with SDKs
Get the same SDKs we build the native LiveChat Widget with. No private APIs!
We always stay hungry
Communication is changing, so are we! We ship updates every two weeks.
+18 years in active development
The very first version of our widget remembers 2002. Do you?

Install chat widget that
customers actually like

A chat widget is the company’s front desk. Make it look & feel
the way a company would like to be remembered. Be creative!

Make chatting effortless

Standard forms feel like lots work. Make it quick & easy for customers to pick meeting dates. They will thank you with a smile on their faces.

Align the look & feel with the brand

Customer service lies at the heart of every business. Leave customers impressed with the quality of service they get.

Build new experiences with apps

Embed literally anything right into the conversation. Present customers with games, special forms or drawing boards. It’s up to you what’s inside the iframe.

Not enough? Build your own
chat widget from scratch

We provide a powerful Customer SDK, which allows you to build all kinds of chat widgets – from very simple to sophisticated web apps. We use the same SDK to ship the native Widget!

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Build a chatting experience
that matches the brand