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Retail Chat Distribution Trends During the Holiday Season

Jacob Firuta in Charts, on October 13, 2017

Retail chat distribution trends during the Holiday Season

This year’s Sales Season is nearly upon us. All kinds of retail businesses are going to be peppered with questions from the customers.

The chart below shows how chat distribution looks like for retail businesses during this period using LiveChat:

Retail chat distribution during Holiday Season

Chart #1: Chats distribution for Retail businesses (data from 2015).

As you can see, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday peak also includes a very busy weekend. Here’s the same data excluding weekends (not all companies provide weekend customer service):

Retail chat distribution during Holiday Season for weekdays only

Chart #2: Chat distribution excluding weekends.

With the exception of Christmas, the increased number of cases is visible well into December.

Want to learn more about this period? Check out our Holiday Sales Season Report!

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