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New Building Block: Chat Actions

Filip Jaskólski in News, on February 26, 2019

New Building Block: Chat Actions

Time is priceless when chatting with customers. We believe that having the right tools at hand is crucial to effective customer service. We created a new Building Block: Chat Actions to help you improve your workflow.

Think of Chat Actions as small, contextual activities related to the chat. Agents can use Chat Actions to quickly create a new lead, open their CRM of choice or get some additional information about the customer. Chat Actions are available right in the chat context menu. We currently support four action types:

  • Link: opens a link in a new tab. Useful when you need to open an external CRM or team’s calendar. We pass a variety of parameters in the query string, so you can retrieve them in the opened resource.
  • Modal: opens modal with an iframe. A go-to solution when you need to display a “Add contact” form or perform an action in external service.
  • Webhook: sends a webhook with data on current conversation. An easy way to build a notifier for a technical team or issue escalator.
  • Open app: opens the app in the right-hand sidebar. It acts as a shortcut to the app, making it more accessible from within conversation.

Go to Developer Console and create your first app with Chat Actions!

There are more Building Blocks coming. Please leave your thoughts and questions in comments below!

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New Building Block: Chat Actions

Time is priceless when chatting with customers.

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